Joseph Federico, Wayne NJ


In 1978 NJMET was co-founded by Giacomo Federico and two other partners.Soon after, Joseph Federico started as a Test Operator for Solid State Electronics at NJMET. He became the Vice President and Director of Operations, and is the first American engineer invited to Israel, Russia, and China to speak about counterfeit electronic components. Joseph Federico is a pioner and has become internationally known in the electronic industry.

For over 30 years, NJMET has been a pioneer in the commercial, military, Aerospace, Industrial and Space Fields providing worldwide quality electronic component and product testing.

Our trained engineers use a state of the art, multi step inspection detection process to identify counterfeit and cloned products. The process begins with analyzing the shipping and packaging. It continues with the parts undergoing several levels of inspection including: marking and dimension checks, internal visual analysis, material analysis and electrical testing to insure safety of your distribution transaction.

Our state of the art electronic testing capabilities have accommodated the prime contractors of the United States Department of Defense, NASA, the FAA, the FCC, the European Community Council, and the Israeli Aerospace and Defense industries.

At NJMET, we provide quality testing, re-certification and manufacturing of electronic component products.


NJ MET's Mission Imposter® Counterfeit Component Risk Mitigation Program

Counterfeit parts are an increasing problem in every industry using electronic components.  NJMET's Mission Imposter® Counterfeit Component Risk Mitigation Program is used by leaders in the military, aerospace and commercial industries to identify counterfeit electronic components.  Learn more about this important program at the NJMET website.